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About Me

Welcome to my personal website!

I've been the proud owner of the domain Ian-Wilson.com since early 2006. Up until now, it has mostly served as a platform for my email and other networked online functions. However, after almost 17 years, I've finally decided to launch a personal website with it. Better late than never, right?

I'm in my mid-30s and live in Glasgow, Scotland, I've always considered myself an IT enthusiast, and from a young age, I've dabbled in various aspects of IT and developed a diverse skill set. Networking, databases, server technologies, and cyber security are just a few areas that have piqued my interest. I enjoy learning new systems, understanding their inner workings, and finding innovative ways to incorporate them into my own network or improve professional workflows to enhance efficiency.

My professional journey spans various administrative roles, technical support and IT helpdesk experience, as well as technical design and development in both private and public sectors. I am currently employed in the UK Civil Service.

When I'm not immersed in the realm of IT, you'll find me indulging in hobbies that fuel my creativity such as web development and graphical design, I also enjoy unwinding with PC gaming and mixing dance music. Recently, I've also delved into video editing for the purpose of uploading my recorded music sets to YouTube. For more details on my gaming and music activity, feel free to explore FastTrakz.co.uk in the My Websites section below.

If you've found your way to my website with the intention of getting in touch, I've provided a Contact form at the bottom of the page.

Last Updated: 06 October 2023

My Projects

I'm engaged in several ongoing personal projects that span a range of interests. These include constructing and maintaining my own custom personalised computer systems and servers. Additionally, I devote time to enhancing and upkeeping my IT network, consisting of servers and services that provide functionality comparable to that of a small business. By doing so, I aim to minimise reliance on external service providers and ensure greater control over the function, security, and the accessibility of my personal data.

I also manage and develop my other websites relating to my various hobbies. These can be found in the My Websites section directly below.

While I may publicly share more details about these projects in the future, it's important to note that they are all accomplished while I have other commitments. Consequently, I am unable to dedicate the time necessary for providing regular updates regarding improvements, changes, or additions out-with my personal logs and documentation relating to each individual project, while ensuring any sensitive information is redacted for public viewing.

My Websites

  FastTrakz - Online   Xs12 Network  
  FastTrakz.co.uk   Xs12.co.uk  

FastTrakz.co.uk is my platform for sharing content related to my music and gaming activities, while Xs12.co.uk serves as the online hub for my personal network.

You can explore FastTrakz.co.uk for music and gaming content, and Xs12.co.uk for network and server-related information.

Please note that I am currently not accepting freelance website development work. If you're interested in future opportunities, feel free to register your interest by contacting me below.

Contact Me

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